12 Last minute study tips for junior and leaving cert study

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Now that the orals are finally over you’re now in the home straight! With the exams only a couple of weeks away, we’ve put together some tips and advice on how you can best use the last weeks of study to give yourself the best chance of doing well in the exams.

12 Last minute study tips

#1 Comparison is Rejection

Try to avoid comparing yourself with your classmates. This is never a good idea for two reasons. 1. If they are doing more than you You’ll end up feeling bad about yourself  and 2. if they are doing less than you, you’ll get complacent. 

#2 Make a plan

With up to 10 subjects to cover it’s important not to leave anything out. Get a big sheet of paper and plan out your schedule week by week. Make sure to give your weakest subjects more time and do not prioritise any one subject at the cost of others. 

#3 Practice, Practice, Practice

Active study is key. Don’t just sit there reading notes or books over and over. Get out your exam papers or even better upgrade to a studyclix PLUS account and test yourself on real exam questions. 

#4 The early bird catches the worm

People study better early in the morning. Try get up at 7am on a saturday morning and you’ll have half a day’s work done by breakfast. This is a great way of reducing stress as you’ll finally feel like you’re getting loads done. Try it, even just once!

#5 Mnemonics are your friend

A mneumonic is where you use a set of words to help you remember a more difficult set of words. For example, Dad’s silly triangle is often used to remember the Distance Speed Time formulae. 

#6 It’s good to talk

Group study can be a really good way of getting through some difficult topics. Get a friend to test you on a particular topic and you’ll find that it’s way easier to remember something when you have communicated it with someone else. Being social is also really good for reducing stress levels. Remember there's another 120,000 people stressing over their exams with you. 

#7 Take a break

Humans were not designed to concentrate for hours on end. You’re study will be much more productive if you do it in lots of short burst rather than long marathon sessions. Watch your favourite TV programme or call your friends, whatever helps you unwind. Just make sure you go back to your desk before too long!

#8 The internet - friend or foe?

If you’ve got as far as sitting down to study you may as well switch off all distractions. That means checking facebook, texting or taking calls should be avoided until your breaks. The internet can be really helpful of course and websites such as studyclix can make studying way easier. 

#9 Get Organised

NOW is the time to get your notes in order. The last thing you want is to be wasting time looking for revision materials the night before the exam.

#10 Get to know the Marking schemes 

Understanding how marks are awarded can bring you up by a grade. Try a few questions on studyclix and then reveal the marking scheme. You will quickly learn how to improve your answering technique. 

#11 Practice for the Aurals

Students often think that they cannot practice for the listening tests in the languages. studyclix’s Aural exam tool lets you listen to audio clips, answer the questions and then reveal the marking scheme to see how you would’ve done. You’ll find the Aural exam tool by clicking the topic “AURALS” in any language. 

#12 PMA, That’s positive mental attitude!

Being in a positive frame of mind makes a big difference when studying. Remind yourself of how much you have done already. Self confidence is one of the most important ingredients for doing well.

Best of luck and get in touch if you have any questions!!

Studyclix Team





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