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Each summer we ask students who got an H1 in their leaving cert to share their notes and sample essays with us. Looking at H1 answers can really help you learn how to structure your answers to gain maximum marks. Check out these 6 accounts and get PLUS+ access to gain access to even more great notes and sample answers. 


6 Studyclix Accounts worth checking out

H1 Geography Essays

Doing well in Leaving Cert Geography is all about writing high quality relevant essays with lots of SRPs (single relevant points). Katydagnall's notes are well written, concise and earned her a H1 in last year's leaving cert. Check them out here. 

 H1 Irish Essays

Ciara.C.Maher has added some H1 sample answers on all the main Irish poems and prose including Mo Ghrá-sa, Geibheann, Hurlamboc, Colscaradh, A Thig na Tit Orm as well as loads of great essays on general themes. Check them out here

H1 Biology Notes on Each Chapter

Doing well in Leaving Cert Biology means you will have to memorise a lot of definitions and facts. M17 (Martin D) has made this a whole lot easier by sharing his concise notes for each of the Biology chapters. Check them out here


 H1 History Essays

Leaving Cert History is all about writing good quality fact-filled essays. Two H1 students have contributed their essays. Check out Ciara Hamilton's here and there are more really good essays from Shannon Green here


H1 English and French Essays

An other H1 student AllyB has added  a lot of really helpful leaving cert material. Scroll down to the bottom of her notes section to find some really high quality French and English notes and sample answers. 


H1 Art History Essays

Megan Harty has uploaded loads of H1 standard Art History essays for you to read and get ideas from. You can check them out on her profile here.




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We'll be looking for more H1 notes and sample essays next summer so get in touch after your leaving cert if you are interested in adding to the Studyclix community. 

Studyclix Team


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