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How I got an A in Junior Cert English

Junior Cert English requires work, there's no way around it. Some lucky people will have a natural knack to it, and will need less time studying and practising it whereas others will need to devote more time to it. Either way, there's no reason everyone can't do well in English because it's all about practise and knowing what the examiner wants. Read the guide below and follow my tips to get the best mark possible :) 

Don't expect your teacher to do all the work

English is a subject that you can't do just within the classroom. If you want high marks, you need to take it upon yourself to study at home, practise exam questions, get your teacher to correct extra work you've done, etc. It will be very hard to get an A by just being in class and doing the bare minimum, take the responsibility and put in the extra work!

Know the basics
I know you have probably heard it a million times from your teachers and parents alike but getting the basics right is a big part of doing well in an exam. Read every question carefully and underline keywords. There's no point in writing 3 pages on something the examiner isn't looking for at all. 
You should also leave time at the end of the exam to read over your exam. You never know what simple mistake you might have made that could lose you a couple of marks and be the difference between grades!

Ask for help

I'm sure your teacher would be more than happy to help you with English further if you asked. There are also many helpful students here on Studyclix that have lots to offer on their study methods, tips, etc. Check out our discussion forum here.
You can read my guide and tips on how to succeed in English by clicking the link below.


Best of Luck!

Eimear and the Studyclix Team