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Those of you doing French for the Junior Cert know that it can be a lot of extra work to take on. It's probably your first experience of learning a foreign language and there are so many different aspects to try and tackle. It's still really doable though just so long as you do it right. These quick tips and the guide below will tell you all you need to know to succeed in the exam come June!

Dedicate time to it

You can't learn French overnight. Or any language for that matter. It's important you start early when you're studying French because it's a continuous process. You might not see results straight away but after a while if you put in the effort and learn a little bit every day, you will really see improvements.



Concentrate in Class

The classroom is where you'll do the majority of your learning so you need to pay attention. Try to really absorb the information your teacher gives you when you're learning the big, important grammar points, vocab lists, etc.

Don't Give Up

Yes, French can get really tedious. You might sometimes feel like you're getting nowhere with it but unlike other subjects, it's something that you will improve and continue to learn for the rest of your life and it can be really rewarding. Having this or any language can open so many doors to you in the future so putting in some effort here can go a long way!

Ask For Help

I'm sure your teacher would be more than happy to help you with French further if you showed a true interest and motivation to learn. There are also many helpful students here on Studyclix that have lots to offer on their study methods, tips, etc. Check out our discussion forum here.

You can read my guide and tips on how to succeed in French by clicking the link below.


Good luck from me and the Studyclix Team!



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