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How I got an A in Junior Cert Irish

Those of you doing Irish will know that there are lots of different aspects to this exam, therefore lots of different things to study and try to understand and absorb. It can get a little overwhelming at times which is why we've put together a guide and some helpful advice below to make the whole thing a little easier for you!



Put the language into practise regularly

You won't get very far with your learning of a language by just doing the work you do in school. You need to keep at it in your own time. Speak little phrases at home or with your friends whenever you get a chance. Make it seem natural!

Think of the benefits

Learning a language has so many benefits. It exercises certain parts of your brain, strengthening it and helping to reduce future threats such as dementia or Alzheimers! It also opens up many job opportunities for you in the future. 
You could also see it as a way of preserving our heritage. The Irish langauge is dying out but it's part of who we are. Learning it in school and doing well in it is a really important part of being Irish.

Don't neglect any part of the exam

There are different amounts of marks going for each section in the exam but they're all equally important. A single mark can be the difference between a grade! Set aside some study time for each topic and section in the exam so you can be ready and confident for every bit of the exam.