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How I got an A1 in Leaving Cert French - The Oral Exam

Lots of students feel they can study better if they're listening to the right music. Studies have shown that music stimulates the parts of your brain involved with paying attention so it should help with your concentration and focus. It also can have a soothing, calming effect for those who are feeling particularly stressed about study. We here at Studyclix have put together some songs to listen to while studying that we hope will help you through your exams.

Continuous Study Music

The songs below are each 2-3 hours long and are essentially just very minimal beats and tones. They're easy to listen to because they're simple and soothing,you don't have to concentrate on what's going on in the song, you just relax and focus on the work you're doing. Other students may need a change in tune or song every few minutes when they're studying however so this option isn't for everyone.

Short Study Songs

Like I said above, 2 hours of the same type of music can have the opposite effect on some people in terms of concentration because they can get bored of listening to the same thing or the music can also get a little too relaxing, putting you to sleep instead of keeping you focused.
If you find the long continuous sounds aren't working for you, try some of the songs below that you could maybe put in a playlist and have them play one after another so you can switch it up and stay focused.

Make a Playlist with your Favourite Songs

It doesn't have to be all mellow tunes. Only you can know what study music suits you best. Try studying with your personal music on in the background and test a few songs to see if you concentrate well with any of them playing. Some students find it hard to focus when there are lyrics in the song but everyone is different. I would recommend sticking to more relaxing, soothing songs however that will keep your mind at ease while you try to study. We've put together some examples below but this really is unique to everyone.

All the best with the study! 

Studyclix Team