How to get a H1 in the Leaving Cert Geography Exam

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A lot of people say Geography is an easy subject that relies on rote learning. While this might be partly true; you do have to learn many facts, figures and processes, it is not the essence of what Geography is about as a field of study. Geography requires a skill far greater than just having the ability to memorize pre-written essays. To truly succeed in geography, you need to have a keen understanding of what you learned and why you learned it, so you can adjust your answers accordingly to the specific question. This, paired with knowing the layout of the exam, plenty of practice, and knowledge of a few handy tips is the crux of how to do well in this exam. 

Muireann W. got a H1 in her Leaving Cert Geography Exam. Below she shares some tips, and you can read her full guide on getting a H1 here!




While this may seem like a no brainer,  proper organisation  of your notes and study for the Geography exam is essential. Whether you keep your notes in a copy or a folder, putting in the effort to have them  together and writing them as you cover new material in class will be hugely beneficial to you in the long run. Particularly, when your class is finished the course as you can allocate all your study time to just revising and ensuring you have everything covered before the exam.  Personally, I would recommend having all your essays together with each SRP distinct from each other, such as putting them in bullet points. I would also compile my notes under each section i.e. physical geography, then subdivided under certain topics i.e Plate tectonics to make them quickly accessible. Once the course is finished, you should have your own short, summarized ‘geography book’ which should effectively have in it everything you have done in class and need to know before the exam. 

Using all resources at your disposal

What is important to realise is that the information you can use in Geography is not limited to the conventional means of textbooks and revision books. While they may be convenient, there are many others sources of useful information. There are youtube videos, blogs and sites dedicated to precise topics in geography which sometimes gives a better overall comprehension on geographical terms and information. Consequently, allowing you to gain much more memorable facts to use in essays. There is also many links to such websites on Studyclix!

Participate in class

Listening, asking questions and doing any assigned work is essential in being able to have a quick grasp on topics and learning course material for the long run. In doing so, you will save yourself time as you won't be trying to learn as much of it on your own time!

Understanding the exam paper

Geography is undoubtedly a time constraining exam, which can  be made even more difficult by it’s layout and its vast range of questions. Therefore, being well prepared  by familiarising yourself through timed practise questions and reading through past papers is must! That will ultimately ensure you know what your doing on the day and ultimately, save you time.

Test Yourself To Prove You're Learning

In addition to practicing past papers, Studyclix's Quizzes are a great (and fun!) tool to help test your knowledge. They can help you figure out what you know already and what topics you need to work harder on. Take the test and see how you get on!



It's true that some questions seem to come up frequently or in patterns. However, never bank on anything coming up! Always make sure you have enough covered to ensure that even if you favourite questions doesn't make an appearance, your still confident you have plenty to questions to choose from and that  you will not be sitting in an exam spiralling into a panic!

Best of luck with the exam - if you work hard, you will be rewarded!


Muireann and The Studyclix Team :)

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