How to get an A in Junior Cert Science

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How to Succeed in Junior Cert Science

Science can be a really interesting subject once you have a good understanding of it, and finding a subject interesting makes it so much easier to learn. Therefore, I think that really trying to get a good grasp on what's going on makes this an easy subject. Even if it means spending a little extra time looking up videos and explanations on certain topics, trust me, it's worth it! The points and guide below will hopefully help you towards getting the best mark you can!


Practise questions over and over

These papers can be fairly repetitve, so doing past papers or making out and doing exams here on our Exam Builder is a brilliant way of studying. It's more productive than just staring at a book all day too so it's more likely that you'll take in the information rather than just skimming over it. Keep an eye out for what topics haven't come up in a while and try to focus a little more one those, it's likely that they could come up in your exam.
Check out the guide below for futher info! 

Check your work

You should allow yourself some time at the end of the exam to check over the paper to see if you have any questions left blank or to quickly check your answers in case you made a small mistake that could cost you marks. Sometimes because of the exam conditions, you might read the question the wrong way or write something down in the moment even though you know it's not right. This goes for any exam!!

Do your homework

Doing your homework is a great method of studying, so don’t neglect it.The homework you’re given is to prepare you for the exams really so if you get a question to do at home, it’s really like practising for the exam because a similar question could come up in the exam paper! Try and practise the exam papers as often as possible though because it's the best way to prepare for the real deal.

Make the effort for the Coursework

Coursework A and B are together worth 35% so it's not something to take lightly. Use your time in 1-3 year wisely and make the effort. It would be a shame to not get the high marks you deserve just because you neglected this part of the assessment. Once it's done it's done and you don't have to worry about it for the exams so really just knuckle down and give it your all.

Use Studyclix

If you want extra help with individual topics in Science, whether it's Biology, Chemistry or Physics, we have some really great and helpful resources in the resource box at the bottom of the Science subject page so I really recommend you check them out.
You could also look on our discussion forum to see if any other students have any tips or tricks on how to study Science or ask a question yourself. Click the button below to read or download the guide. :)                                           
Best of luck with the study and the exams!
Eimear and the Studyclix Team :)

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