Junior Cert Revision: How to make sure you're ready.

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The last term of the year is a really important time in your preparation for the exams. Check out these 4 tips to make sure you use your time wisely. 

1. Make a plan

For many Junior cert students the Easter holidays are the first time you will be studying for a long time by yourself. Start by tidying your room, Try to get up early and make sure to make a study plan. Here's a printable study plan you can use. The first thing you should be doing is taking out your mock papers to see where you lost marks. These are the topics you should prioritise.

2. Study effectivley

Lots of Junior cert students waste time by having poor study habits. Make sure you are taking regular breaks, avoid distraction ssuch as your phone and do active learning to stop you zoning out. Check out these tips for studying more effectively

3. Practice past exam questions

At this stage of the year you should be doing lots of past exam questions and checking your answer against the marking schemes. If you haven't already got a PLUS+ account now would be a good time. This gives you all papers by topic with marking schemes and sample answers. 

Be ready for the questions that you will face in June

Having access to all the past questions by topic from the last ten years lets you pick out obvious trends and be ready for the kinds of questions that will be asked. A BASIC account only gives you the last two years questions in each topic. 

Learn what the examiners are looking for

PLUS+ access gives you all marking schemes to all questions. This lets you practice questions and then quickly see where you’re going wrong and how to improve your answering style.

Practice makes perfect

Print all past questions on any topic to make it easy to study one topic at a time. You can also use our Exam Builder to make your own mock exams to test yourself.

Get the best notes first

Get access to the best study notes before anyone else. These include sample essays, worked solutions and video tutorials.

4. Get Motivated

The exams are almost two months away so at this stage you should have already started studying! If you haven't and are finding it hard to get motivated then check out this advice on how to get motivated to study for your junior cert.

Let me know if you have any questions and remember you can get loads of advice from other students on our discussion forum

Good luck with the study : )



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