Leaving Cert Ag Science Experiments - Watch them all on video banner

Leaving Cert Ag Science Experiments - Watch them all on video

As part of the Ag Science practical exam you will be required to write up and show an understanfding of a series of experiments covered by your teacher. Question four on the Leaving Certificate Ag Science gives you a choice of four experiments of which you must write up two. Below are some of the main experiments done on video by PDST. This can be a really helpful way to remind yourself of the steps involved. 

The Leaving Cert Ag Science Experiments

Animal Physiology

Experiment 1: Action of Salivary Amylase on Starch

Experiment 2: Food Tests

Experiment 3: Butterfat Content of Milk

Experiment 4: Catalase

Experiment 5: Resazurin

Experiment 6: To Demonstrate Osmosis

Experiment 7: Dissection of a Heart

Plant Physiology

Experiment 8: Percentage of Sugar in Grass

Experiment 9: Extracting Colours from Green Plants

Experiment 10: Maize Experiment

Experiment 11: Testing a Leaf for Starch

Soil Science

Experiment 12: Soil Capiliarity

Experiment 13: Soil pH

Experiment 14: Soil Wormery


Experiment 15: Botanical Composition


Experiment 16: To Investigate Monohybrid Crosses Using Maize


Experiment 17: To Investigate Milk Hygiene

All of us here at Studyclix hope that these help you in your Ag Science studies! If you have any other suggestions for good videos, please let us know. 

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