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Leaving Cert Biology Experiments - Watch them all on video

Section B of the Leaving Cert Biology paper has 3 questions based on the mandatory experiments on the course. There's 22 in total so it can be hard to remember the exact details of all the different experiments, especially when you have to read them from your copy or textbook. Check out this Youtube playlist of all the main leaving certificate biology experiments we've put together for you.   

22 Leaving cert Biology Mandatory Experiments 

1. Conduct a qualitative test for: starch, fat, a reducing sugar, a protein. 

2. Identify any five fauna and any five flora using simple keys. Identify a variety of habitats within the selected ecosystem. 

3. Identify and use various apparatus required for collection methods in an ecological study.

4. Conduct a quantitative study of plants and animals of a sample area of the selected ecosystem. Transfer results to tables, diagrams, graphs, histograms or any relevent mode. 

5. Investigate any three abiotic factors present in the selected ecosystem. Relate results to choice of habitat selected by each organism identified in this study. 

6. Be familiar with and use the light microscope. 

7. Prepare and examine one animal cell and one plant cell using the light microscope.

8. Investigate the effect of pH on the rate of one of the following: amylase, pepsin or catalase activity. 

9. Investigate the effect of temperature on the rate of one of the following: amylase, pepsin or catalase activity. 

10. Prepare one enzyme immobilisation and examine its application. 

11. Investigate the influence of light intensity or carbon dioxide on the rate of photosynthesis. 

12. Prepare and show the production of alcohol by yeast. 

13. Conduct any activity to demonstrate osmosis. 

14. Investigate the effect of heat denaturation on the activity of one enzyme. 

15. Isolate DNA from a plant tissue. 

16. Investigate the growth of leaf yeast using agar plates and controls. 

17. Prepare and examine microscopically the transverse section of a dicotyledonous stem

18. Dissect, display and identify an ox’s or a sheep’s heart.

19. Investigate the effect of exercise on the breathing rate or pulse rate of a human. 

20. Investigate the effect of IAA growth regulator on plant tissue. 

21. Investigate the effect of water, oxygen and temperature on germination. 

22. Use starch agar or skimmed milk plates to show digestive activity during germination.

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