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As you probably know by now, there's some new material added to the Leaving Cert Maths course for 2015, namely Inferential Statistics.  This includes things like hypothesis testing, margin of error etc. There's been a lot of confusion about this topic so we thought we'd get our friends at TheMathsTutor.ie to clear things up. 

The confusion around Inferential Statistics arises because there are different and contradictory methods depending on which books you use. After much investigation, and consultation with the NCCA and SEC, our friends at TheMathsTutor.ie have created a set of resources to help clarify this new area of the syllabus for everyone, including model answers for the official sample papers for 2015.

Sample Papers for Inferential Statistics

The official sample papers for 2015 are very useful because they focus completely on Inferential Statistics, and should give some clues as to the type of questions that might be set in the real exams.  You can find both Higher and Ordinary levels in the document here.

Check out the LC Higher Model Solutions and the LC Ordinary Model Solutions which are particularly helpful because the State Exams Commission does not publish a marking scheme for the official sample papers. It’s great to see the right approach for these kinds of question.

It's a good idea to try out the sample paper for your level, by yourself, and then compare your answers with the model answers. If you have any questions, you can post them on our LC Maths discussion forum

TheMathsTutor.ie is Ireland’s leading online support system for Project Maths.  Thousands of students all over Ireland use their video lessons (including past exam questions!), interactive exercises, online support and exam technique guidance, to improve their skills and get ready for their exams.

You can register at www.TheMathsTutor.ie to try out a free sample, and then upgrade to get full access right through the exams.

Best of luck with the stats : )

Luke, Studyclix Team

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