Leaving Cert Results and CAO Offers - Everything You Need To Know

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Getting your Leaving Results/The CAO Offers Process

About two months should have passed by now since you’ve done your Leaving Cert, can you even remember it? If you’re like me, you won’t. It’ll seem like years ago since you went through all that worry and stress. Now, there might be a new type of worry on your mind; what will my results be? Will I get my course?

Whatever happens, don’t lose sleep over it in the nights leading up to results. There’s nothing you can do about it at this stage, so try to stay positive and hopeful, chances are you did a lot better than you thought.  Below is all the info you need on the process.

Your Results

  • The Leaving Cert results for 2018 will be released on the 15th August. The CAO offers then come out the following Monday 20nd August. 
  • You can get your results from your school from 9/9:30 a.m. onwards, depending on your school. If you happen to be on holidays at the time, you can get them online from 12 p.m. onwards on the SEC website (examinations.ie). Doing this requires your examination number and your unique Personal Identification Number.

  • To calculate your points, I recommend getting the point calculator app, available on the App Store. It makes it easy to count up your points instead of standing there trying to figure it out in your head in a tizzy.

  • Before you get your results, remember to stay calm. It’s out of your hands now. Whatever happens happens, and if it doesn’t go the way you planned, it’s not the end of the world! 

  • Once you get your results, don’t feel pressured to share them. Many people may come up to you, asking what you got. It is no one else’s business what you got unless you are willing to share. The same goes for you, other people may not want to share their results with you, so don’t push people to tell you what they got. If someone is disappointed, you don’t want to make it worse for them!

    If They Didn't Go as Planned

  • If you’re disappointed, try not to let it impact you too greatly. These exams will not define you. There are so many options for you to take if you don’t get what you were expecting. If you think you could have done better and want to prove that, you can repeat. If you know you won’t get your first choice, there are other ways in, by transferring, etc. The world will not stop and your life will go on. I’ve met plenty of people who didn’t get what they wanted in their Leaving Cert and they couldn’t be happier that they didn’t get their first choice because they loved their second or third choice. 

  • If you feel very down and out about it; you’re not alone. It can be difficult to talk to your friends about your disappointment if they’re delighted with their results. However, there is a helpline facility for students who are concerned or disappointed about their results. They give information and advice to students and their parents around results time. The number is 1800 265 165. Don’t be afraid to use it if you need it.

    Viewing Scripts/Appealing an Exam

  • If you’re surprised/disappointed/shocked at a certain result in particular because you feel you deserved more, you can appeal it and have it rechecked. Doing this costs €40 but it could be well worth it if it brings you up the grade you need. 

  • Before you appeal, you can ask to view your scripts. This occurs usually 2 weeks after you get your results and you can go to your school to look at your exams along with the marking schemes. To avail of this however, you need to fill in the form that comes in the envelope with your results on results day, stating which subjects you’d like to view. You then return this form to your school before a certain date (it will state it on the form).

  • If you’re viewing the scripts to see whether you should get an exam rechecked or not, I recommend you ask your teacher to come view the scripts with you. They can give you an expert view on whether you would get a higher mark or not.

  • The results of appeals come out in mid-October.

    The CAO Offers

  • Like I said, the CAO offers (Round One) come out the Monday after you get your results. They come out at 6:00 a.m. online, so if you’re very eager to see whether you’ve got your course or not, you can check it then on CAO.ie using your personal Application Number. 

  • Otherwise, if you’ve been offered a place in a course, the CAO will email you at some stage in the morning telling you which course you’ve been offered and where. In most people's cases, you should accept it (there will be a link in the email or on the site). Even if you think you'll get a better offer in round two, accepting your first offer will not affect you getting that better offer and you can still change.

  • A letter should also come in the post for you that day or the day after, telling you of the course you’ve been offered. You may also accept your offer by sending a portion of this letter back to the CAO with your details on it. You can only accept the offer this way if you haven’t accepted it online, however. Do not accept it via the internet and via the post. 

  • If you’ve only now realised that your second or third choice on your CAO is the one for you, unfortunately there are very little ways of changing what course you get after your first one. If you get enough points for your first course, you will immediately be offered this course and the other options are essentially deleted from your application. You cannot move down on your CAO, only up. The only way you could get into your second or third choice course is if it’s on the vacant places list on the CAO website. This means that the college didn’t get enough applicants to fill the course and there are spare places left. Therefore you could transfer over to that course via that entryway. Unfortunately, the only other option is to apply again next year with your preferred course as your first choice.

  • If you don’t get an offer in Round One, don’t lose heart. There’s always Round Two and Round Two (After). I know people who didn't get a Round One or Two offer but who accepted their Round Two (after) offers and absolutely adore their course now. Things always work out in the end.

  • Once you accept an offer, you’ll start getting emails and letters from the CAO and your chosen institute. Read these carefully to make sure everything is in order and that you’ve done everything that’s necessary for you to do. 

  • Some colleges will ask you to confirm or decline accommodation offers on the day the offers come out, so look out for those too and be sure to answer swiftly.

Well done on making it this far, we here at Studyclix hope you get the high mark you deserve. Good luck in your future academic life!

Eimear and the Studyclix team.

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