Leaving Cert Revision: 4 things you should know

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The last term of school is a really important time in your preparation for the exams. Check out these 4 tips to make sure you use your time wisley. 

1. Be ready for the orals

The oral exams run for the two weeks straight after Easter so now's a good time to make sure you are prepared. We've added loads of advice and videos for your Irish, French, Spanish and German orals so check out the links below.                               


2. Don't forget your other subjects

While it's important you spend time getting ready for the orals you should try and keep up your study in all your subjects. A good starting point would be to take out your mock exams and see where you lost marks. Identifying your weaknesses and learning the topics you are struggling with is the main way you will improve your grades. 

3. Practice past exam questions

At this stage of the year you should be now doing lots of past exam questions and checkiing your answer against the marking schemes. If you haven't already got a PLUS+ account now would be a good time. This gives you all papers by topic with marking schemes and sample answers. 

Be ready for the questions that you will face in June

Having access to all the past questions by topic from the last ten years lets you pick out obvious trends and be ready for the kinds of questions that will be asked. A BASIC account only gives you the last two years questions in each topic. 

Learn what the examiners are looking for

PLUS+ access gives you all marking schemes to all questions. This lets you practice questions and then quickly see where you’re going wrong and how to improve your answering style.

Practice makes perfect

Print all past questions on any topic to make it easy to study one topic at a time. You can also use our Exam Builder to make your own mock exams to test yourself.

Get the best notes first

Get access to the best study notes before anyone else. These include sample essays, worked solutions and video tutorials.

4. Make a study plan

For many students the Easter Break will be the first time you have studied seriously alone for a long period. Check out our ten tips on how to study at home and it's also a good idea to print a study plan so you can use your time wisley.

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