Sraith Pictiur 2017: 5 Things You Need to Know

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If you're doing your Leaving Cert in 2017 chances are that you'll have already started studying for your Irish Oral. One of the most daunting aspects of the oral exam is the Sraith Pictiúr, 20 pictures that Higher and Ordinary level students have to be able to speak about. In this blog Eamonn and Eimear from the Studyclix team give you the inside track on how to master them for your Orals.

5 things you need to know

1. Vocab, Vocab, Vocab.

While each Sraith Pictiúr is obviously different in terms of the vocab you'll need there's plenty of crossover between each of them.  So by getting yourself familiar with each of the twenty Sraith Pictiurí you'll start to find lots of phrases and verbs that are applicable to some of the others. Doing this and writing any phrases down can really help your stór focail (vocabulary) which also comes in handy for your comhrá. We've added a whole section to Studyclix where we give you notes and all the key phrases needed for all 20 Sraith Pictiurs. You can view the notes here or download and print all of them here


2. Careful with indirect speech

Be careful with indirect speaking (caint indíreach), e.g. ‘Deir Síle…’. If you say this, it has to be followed with ‘go’ or ‘nách’. If you say ‘Deir Síle tá…’ you’ll get docked marks straight away.. and nobody wants that to happen. Just take your time and think about what you're saying to avoid these little mistakes.

3. Focus on what matters 

Each school and each teacher has different methods of describing them, some give the characters names, others don’t, some do it in the past tense, others in the present. All of this can be a bit confusing and you can end up wondering 'which way is better?'. As long as your Irish is spot on, the way you describe it doesn’t make a huge difference. This what you should really focus on, not what method other schools use.

4. Say it, out loud

It's really important when practising the Sraith Pictiúrí that you actually say things out loud. When studying them, just keep reciting how you would describe them out loud to yourself or someone else. Ensure you know how to pronounce the vocab for certain difficult words or items that may appear in some of the pictures and if in doubt ask your teacher.

5. Remember the questions

Once you have the pictures described, the examiner will ask you 3 questions about the pictures, generally they are simple questions such as ‘cén t-am é ar an chlog i bpictiúr a 3?’, then, you ask them 3 questions, again, keep it simple. Lots of students forget about this when revising so have a few general questions under your belt going in and you should get on great!

You can view the notes here or download and print all of them here




Go n-éirí leat sa scrúdú!

We're sure you’ll do great.

Eimear and Eamonn, Studyclix Content Team

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