Why Studyclix PREMIUM ☆ will help you do better in your exams

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Along with the new and improved Studyclix layout, we are also delighted to announce a new and exciting feature to our site: Studyclix PREMIUM. Over the last few years, we've been asked by a lot of you to add mock papers to our site so that you have more exam questions to practice. We've answered your questions and created a new upgrade option which gives you access to all mock papers for your subjects: a PREMIUM account. Read below to learn more about the benefits of having a PREMIUM account!

What's the difference?

You can learn all about the different offers we have on our Pricing Page but here's a quick run-through the main differences:

What are the benefits of PREMIUM?

Access to mock papers:

One of the main features of PREMIUM is that you get full access to all mock papers and past questions for your selected subjects. Access to mock papers means access to almost double the amount of questions those on PLUS+ access have. 

By being able to practice mock questions, you increase your chance of being fully prepared in an exam and getting a better mark, because you'll have experienced most of the questions already.

Mock questions also provide more variety in your study, as you get to see questions that don't appear in your state exam papers and in turn, you're more prepared for any question that might come your way in the exam.

Unlimited use of the Quizzes feature:

A PREMIUM user can take as many subject and topic Quizzes as they like, whereas PLUS+ and BASIC users are limited to 5 questions per quiz.

Quizzes are a fantastic, interactive way of revising for your exams, and make studying fun! :)



So to recap; if you upgrade to PREMIUM☆, you can have all of these features, that a BASIC and PLUS+ account don't have:

  • All Mock Exam Questions by Topic & Full Exam Papers
  • Unlimited use of the Quizzes feature
  • Unlimited use of Exam Builder
  • High Standard Notes and Subject Guides Sent to You 
  • Ability to Print Mock Questions

And if that won't convince you, just look at what our satisfied PREMIUM☆ users have to say:

"Studyclix PREMIUM☆ is the best resource going for secondary students at the moment. You are given access to not only exam papers split up by topics, but also mock papers. Countless resources are also provided. I believe that it's an essential study resource, especially for 3rd & 6th years and is definitely worth the money!" - Emma, Wexford

"Studyclix is by far the most useful study aid I have used over the last 6 years. Study is way more efficient with its use and no time is wasted searching for questions. The extra resources and notes furthermore add to an amazing overall experience." - Tom, Mayo

"There is nothing that can replace Studyclix PREMIUM☆ - the Leaving Cert is under your control with the click of a mouse. I upgraded to Premium to have access to past mock papers and solutions for all my subjects and to acquire the large bank of notes, guides and other resources." - Musa, Dublin

"The additional mock papers have majorly improved my study by providing twice as much exam questions as already available. This has been extremely beneficial to me in every subject I do!" - Olexsandr, Cork

"Using Studyclix at Premium level has improved my grades dramatically. It is simple to use and the resources and notes for each topic for each subject are endless. Studyclix Premium makes studying a lot easier!" - Grace, Dublin

"PREMIUM☆ is really useful because it speeds up revision. The thing I love about it is that you can learn at your own pace. Found chapter 1 difficult? Just read notes, watch videos, do multiple past exam papers. It's like getting grinds but at home, whenever you need it." - Prathamesh, Donegal

"Studyclix premium improved my grades this year as my christmas result was so much better than my summer grades. Revising with the past mocks papers really helped me a lot." - Okefe, Wicklow

For more information, just message us using our chat service or email us at info@studyclix.ie so we can tell you more about the benefits of Studyclix PREMIUM☆!

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