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    HELP, ethan.walsh.146

    Anything I can study to help as I am 100% clueless bout my business exam tomorrow,


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      For paper 1, make sure you know Household Budget, Economics and Club Accounts well. They come up every year

      For paper 2, make sure you know Final Accounts and Business Documents. They come up every year. If cash flow forecast comes up, do that as it's basically the same as household budget, except for businesses

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      For paper 1, also know Consumer and People at Work well. Paper 2 is harder to predict for

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      On paper 1 budgets, economics and club accounts always come up. On paper 2 general ledger, final accounts and business accounts always come up aswell.

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      My teacher predicts that consumer will come up on paper 1

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      My teacher strongly predicted that The Consumer should come up a lot in Paper 1!

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      Same my teacher says the consumer ill come up a lot in paper 1!

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      paper 2 3 guaranteed questions- final accounts, ledgers and business documentation

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