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    I don't know what to do with my business exam Katie2008

    I don't know what to do I find business difficult and I am afraid I am going to fail my junior cet

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      same!! so many definitions! oh and my worst enemy !! dun dun dun: THE TRADING PROFIT & LOSS A/C (TOO MANY CALCULATIONS & HEADINGS!!) does my head in!! sorry i couldnt help but i felt it would be nice to rant about it with a fellow #I h8 business person!! goodluck anyway my friend at least you know you may not be the only one who fails the business exam :*

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      Ha ha thanks h8 the general ledgers and also the definitions they drive me insane

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      Loners yeow. U both are absolute retards

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      Lol jk u can use flash cards

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      If u don't have flash cards then u can do them in notes for apple products or u can do online chats with mates lol Sozkh about the foul language

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      For the trading profit and loss account you could ask your teacher to make games to help you learn it. i found it really hard to learn it but with a few games it became fun to learn.

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      flash cards are what help me. you could maybe write them down a few times until the definitions get into your head

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      mind maps for every topic help

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