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    Length of Answers Pheer

    If you're asked a question such as "explain how businesses should deal with a consumer's complaint?", how long does your answer have to be?

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      well for a junior cert examination my teacher says that a question like that it should be about half of a copy page.

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      I think there's 2 factors which tell you how long a question should be

      -The language of the question e.g "Name", "Mention", "Explain", "Define"

      -The amount of marks going for it

      I don't think you'd need to do very long answers. A few points should be fine

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      For a question like that it should really only take you a paragraph( 2-3 lines) to get your explanation across. You don't need to go off and write an essay. Look at the business marking scheme and you can get a good idea of how much marks are awarded to different questions.

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