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    Possible Paper 2 Questions?? Galway2014


    I know that


    -Business Documents

    -Trading, Profit & Loss Balance Sheet

    are DEFINITE questions!

    But, which from




    -Forms of Business

    (-People At Work/The Employer)

    is predicted to come up??

    Looking for an A on Business!

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      Cash flow forecast- GUARANTEE.

      Consumer paper 1

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      Why do you think that??

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      Cash flow forecast, Industrial Relations and Delivery Systems are most likely imo and Cash flow forecast is really easy - it's pretty much the same as Household Budget but for businesses

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      Would People At Work come up on Paper 1(Definite) and Industrial Relations on Paper 2???

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      People at Work only comes up on P1. Industrial Relations only comes up on P2. But People at Work comes up ALMOST EVERY YEAR

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      So, I will study Cashflow forecast for my 4th Paper 2 question?

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      Yeah, but study another question or 2 in case that doesn't come up.

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      Dont study marketing came up last year.

      Paper 1 Economics, household budget, club accounts consumer and people at work

      Paper2 Final Accounts, Ledger, business documents, cash flow, report writing, delivery systems and industrial relations.

      The mock is a good example for what might come up don't bother with the marketing question though.

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      National Budget is a definite in one(Not paper '1' one...just either paper one or two)

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      National Budget only comes up in Paper 1 Economics which is Q3 every year... It never comes up on Paper 2

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      thanks :)

      Does anyone know where the Petty Cash stuff will be?

      I really dont know how to do that...

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