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    Report writing glenf17

    I have my Christmas test tommorow anyone know how to write a report

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      There is a certain format, it is



      report title:

      date: x/x/xxxx

      introduction: I have examined all questions you have asked me and set out my report

      main body: ---- where you answer the question e.g on ratios etc

      follow up: I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding the report or to discuss the report in detail.



      the parts i have filled in work for all reports no matter what the question, except for the date and main body of course.

      i suggest you learn a rhyme by taking the first letters of each heading and making it intoa sentence/rhyme as i did that and found it very helpful. mine is Foamy (from)trees (to) really (report title) don't (date) invest (follow up) money (main body) and then i just learned off the last three letters ; f,s,p.

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