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    What questions are guaranteed to come up? sean.hilliard2

    What questions are guaranteed to come up this year? Eg. Question one will be a budget and what chapters normally come up for other questions?thanks

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      Paper 1 will usually have a Club Accounts Question, a budget, usually something on the consumer, usually something on Economics

      Paper 2 will have a final accounts question, a business documents question and a books of first entry question

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      P1=Budget, Club account and Economics Q P2=Final accounts, trading, profit & loss Q and Business document Q i.e.)invoice, quotation, etc..!:)

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      double entry

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      For both papers, there are 3 long questions which ALWAYS COME UP.

      Paper 1 - Household Budget, Club Accounts, Economics

      Paper 2 - Final Accounts, Business Documents, Books of first entry

      It is recommended to pick all or as many of these long questions as possible.


      Also, for Paper 1, Consumer, Insurance, People at Work, Banking and IT can come up. Consumer and People at Work are likely to come up this year (People at Work comes up VERY OFTEN)

      For paper 2, it's harder to predict because there are a lot of smaller topics that might come up, but make sure to be familiar with Cash Flow Statements (similar to Household Budgets), Insurance in Businesses, Industrial Relationships etc.

      For the paper 1 short questions, there are a couple of questions which come up EVERY year, and you just have to learn how to do them. They're easy enough to learn. Also, for Q1 on the short questions, make sure you're familiar with business studies abbreviations e.g PAYE, VAT etc.

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      Thanks! Great help:)

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