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    any business predictions??? Ellenmcgh

    anybody have useful business predictions? i dont just want a list back of nearly every single chapter in the book!

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      For paper 1, the following topics come up every year (Economics, Household Budget, Club Accounts)

      For paper 2, the following topics come up every year (Book of ledgers, Business documents, Final Accounts)

      For paper 1, Consumer, People in History and Banking are likely

      For paper 2, Delivery Systems, Industrial Relations, Cash Flow Statement, Monitoring Overheads or Report Writings are likely to come up. Paper 2 has a much broader range of topics (but they're usually smaller topics)

      For paper 1 short questions there are a few questions which come up every year so make sure to know how to do them, and make sure to have a general understanding of many topics for short questions

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      for paper 1 people in history? thanks so much thats so helpful!

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      Sorry I meant People at Work. Got mixed up with history lol

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