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    Business jc hl orlab123

    Higher level predictions?

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      My class and I made a prediction sheet so this is what we predict :) (this is from most likely to least likely)

      Paper 1...

      1. Household Budget (revised or estimated)

      2. Club Account (income and expenditure account and balance sheet)

      3. Consumer

      3. People at Work

      4. Methods of Payment / Banking Documents

      Paper 2...

      1. Trading Profit & Loss Appropriations A/c and Balance Sheet

      2. Business Documents / Selling on Credit / Bad Debts

      3. Analysed Cash Book

      4. Report / Letter Writing

      5. Delivery Systems / Cost of Transport

      6.Industrial Relations

      7. Marketing

      Hope this helps :D

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      Feery why do you have 7 questions for paper 2? There are 6.

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      Budgets,economics, debtors and ledgers, final accounts,letters/reports and club accounts come up every year, with banking documents, loans ,consumers,industrial relations ,marketing and delivery systems also being pretty frequent. also an IT question hasn't come up in a while.

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      Actually Sryan there are more than 6, she didn't mention cash flow statement either which comes up in paper 2

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      Jack there's never more than 6 long questions on a HL JC Business paper whether it's paper 1 or paper 2. You always pick 4 out of a choice of 6 - so do not correct me!

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      They're just the predictions all together with our teachers :)

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      Sryan why don't you just shut your mouth and stop constantly picking fights and trying to make everyone look like an idiot you scrub

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      We didn't have exactly 6 because we couldn't narrow down that far

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      Plus Feery I misread your post so never mind my comment: "this is from most likely to least likely"

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      Orla why don't you dún do chlab and don't get involved. In fact look at you right now, you're the one picking fights. I'm not picking fights here in this thread, in fact it's a discussion - big difference.

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      Me make everyone look like an idiot? The only person who can make you look like an idiot is yourself, don't blame it on anybody else. Plus nobody is a true idiot here because we're all learning.

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      Ehh your the one that's too stupid to even read the comment correctly.. pathetic.. and you can't even say a sentence in the same Language.. Make up your mind mate, English or irish? The TRUE idiot here is definitely you

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      @Orla & @Sryan, can everybody please make an effort to be a little nicer on this forum. Most people on here are trying to help each other out. If you wouldn't talk this way to someone face to face then best not to talk that way on here.

      Please try to keep your comments positive, relevant and appropriate and if you must correct or criticise someone please do it in a civilised way : ) Good luck with the study.

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      Thanks 😊👍

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      sassyness will not come up on the JC xx

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