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    business paper 1 valdez460

    and paper 2 how to pass it

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      paper 1 - do the questions that come up every year and study them well - Household Budget, Economics, Club Accounts. Household Budget is easy so you shouldn't have any problem with that. Also make sure to study Consumer, People at Work and Banking as they may also come up. For the short questions, make sure to have a general understanding of the whole course. There are some short questions which come up every year so make sure you know how to do them

      paper 2 - Ledgers, Final Accounts and Business Documents come up every year. My teacher didn't do ledgers cause she said it was too hard and it's best not to do that question. So I'd say definitely do Final Accounts and Business Documents, and only do the book of ledgers question if you're good at it. Also learn Industrial Relations, Cash Flow Statement, Delivery Systems and a Report.

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