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business paper 2 opinion
DarParty Junior Cert Business Studies — 14/06/16 5

i finished my paper at around 3.10 and felt it was a easy paper also shoutout to conboi

Noah Thomas — 14/06/16
Yeah, paper 1 and 2 were extremely easy in my view! :) Thank goodness for that!
DarParty — 14/06/16
i feel alot of people will be getting A's and B's
jackkfleming — 14/06/16
They grade exams on a curve so if there's a lot of As and Bs they're gonna mark it really hard so I wouldn't tell anyone to be too confident. What act did you say had been broken in the consumer question? I said the sale of goods and supply of services act 1980
koby_90 — 14/06/16
That's correct
Noah Thomas — 14/06/16
It might be a bit easier for those who did the accounting Q's seeing as how if it balanced and everything, they won't be able to do much about it! :)
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