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    Communication help! JiteshKhatri

    Where is the communications chapter?? And what is most likely to come up on my 2nd year summer exam??

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      What do you mean "WHERE"?

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      like what section is it in in the exam qs??

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      Most of the time, I see Communications in short questions and rarely in the long questions. It is very likely to come up on 2nd year summer exams - if you studied the chapter that is - every school's summer exam is different! I remember I had quite a few questions of it on my 2nd year summer exam.

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      Types of communication are very likely like give an example of written communication, visual communication, oral communication

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      ok thanks :)

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      did u not get a ppt on whats on the s3 test????

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      this is what was in it anyway

      Chapter 18 – Communications

      What is the difference between Internal & External Communication?

      What are the advantages of good communication to a business?

      List the 3 basic methods of communication.

      The choice of communication method depends on several factors. List and explain briefly these factors.

      What are the advantages & disadvantages of oral communication?

      List ways of communicating orally in a business?

      There are many different types of meetings, can you name some?

      What is the role of the chairperson?

      What is the agenda?

      What is the role of the secretary?

      What should be included in the minutes?

      What are the different types of written communication in a business?

      What are the advantages & disadvantages of written communication?

      What are the main sections of a business letter?

      When might you write a report in business?

      Do you know the layout of a report?

      What are the different types of visual communication?

      Can you draw a pie chart, bar graph and trend graph?

      Can you explain the some of the services An Post provides to businesses?

      Can you name some providers of telecommunications?

      What are the main telecommunication services?

      Do you know how to go about dialling a number abroad?

      Do you know what video and audio conferencing are?

      What is the job of a PRO (Public Relations Officer)

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      thank you :)

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