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    Do farm accounts come up? Heba_9839

    Are they worth looking at or do they never come up?

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      Not worth looking at if you ask me

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      I'd look over them anyway just to be sure, it normally comes up as a short question so don't spend a whole lot of time on it but definitely don't leave it out either :)

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      My teacher never did them with us (I did them myself...) and what short question are you talking 'bout AudiR8LMX?

      - Ledger book

      - Balance sheet / Trading, Profit & Loss Appropriation Account

      - General Journal

      - Debtors / Creditors Control Account

      - Sales/Purchases/Sales Returns/Purchases Returns Book

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      Oh right thank yous!

      But even if it did come up I'm guessing it would be like a club account right?

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      Never mind AudiR8LMX, I see what you mean. No it wouldn't Heba_9839, it would come up as a short question like he said but in the form of something like Ratios or stating whether an expense, liability, asset etc would go into the Operating Statement or Balance Sheet.

      But you need not know Farm Accounts to answer these simple questions - only 4 Farm Account related questions have come up since 2006 anyway and one came up last year.

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      Do we ever have to write a business plan?

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