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    Help please?!! tessabock

    I'm so lost in Business, i haven't a clue what to learn and i don't even know what any of the Questions from the exam papers are on about?!?! Learn 3 years of Business in 6 months ?? Someone help please ?!? :O

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      The less stress more success books are very good or else consider getting grinds they are expensive but they will pay of:)

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      I have Revisewise Business and it's very good too!

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      Thankyou so much, really appreciate it !! @nms2001 @SryanBruen

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      get the book less stress more success

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      Learn accounts. I was exactly in the same place as you. Ended up getting a D. Just try the definitions , accounts and exam questions

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      on the left get examination material archive.

      then you can pick years, subjects and marking schemes

      it gives you past exam pappers and marking schemes have the answers so you can check

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      revise wise is kinda descent

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      AtIq NaJm 123

      Less Stress More Success is the way to go. Trust me it helps so much

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      Thanking ye so much ! So stressed hahahah

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      Are you doing pass or honours? My advice is focus on the guaranteed questions, eg Personal Budgets, The consumer and layout of a letter, Final accounts. I cannot be more precise without knowing what level you are doing.

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