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    help with club accounts Leah Mc Kiernan

    have a test on Thursday on club accounts and I keep getting mixed up and confused on where to put the titles, any notes or tips for me please?

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      go learn how to do it

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      Leah Mc Kiernan

      ah well thank you how ever so helpful @Bradycaoimhe

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      go learn how to do it

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      A Club is an organisation set up by its members

      Officers are elected annually at the annual general meeting (AGM) e.g. Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary

      Clubs are non profit making organisations e.g. Golf Club, Rugby Club, Hurling Club, Hockey Club

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      This powerpoint should help you in some ways but for the actual accounts, it's a matter of looking at an example of each type in your book.

      So have a look at an example of

      - A balance sheet

      - A trading account

      - An income and expenditure account (which is the only one guaranteed to come up in your test)

      - A receipts and payments account

      attachment Club Accounts.ppt

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      Leah Mc Kiernan

      Thank you! 😀😀

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