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    how did yous do? Nicole7631

    I thought i did well enough considering i basically put 0 work in hahaha. My acoounts didnt balance either time (club accounts and trading profit loss and appropriation) but each time i was only off by 1000 or so

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      well done! i thought paper 1 was super easy, what about you? paper 2 was a bit more difficult, i kept getting distracted!

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      I thought it was okay. None of my accounts balanced so I found it very hard to keep my cool. Apart from that, it was really good

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      ah sure thats not that bad. only a couple of marks lost, nothing major. im sure you did great ;) i get what you mean though, my trading p&l didnt work out.

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      i thought paper 2 wass sooo easy i loved both papers and did 5 questions for paper 1 cause my club account didnt balance

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