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    Is double entry bookkeeping important? Heba_9839

    I never done double entry bookkeeping in school. Should I still study it ?

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      We learnt final accounts instead, is it necessary to know final account and double entry bookkeeping ?

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      Not for long questions but there is usually a few short questions on double entry

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      You don't have to know it for long questions but it your options on paper 2

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      it is one of the guaranteed long questions, and ledgers come up every year in the short questions

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      Oh right thanks! So should I just practice old short answers questions and then I'll get to know the basics? I thought they always connected to other chapters like part c of a question could be record this in the ledger account?

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      Yeah just practise the old short questions

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      Yeah just practice the old short questions. I did some examples here with detail on how to do them.

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      thank yous very much!!

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