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Junior Cert Business predictions?
David_4801 Junior Cert Business Studies — 13/06/16 6

Any ideas about predictions for junior cert business p1 or 2

alexoconnor6 — 13/06/16
go home
rachelomr — 13/06/16
Budget and club account in paper 1 Day books, General ledger, Balance sheet, trading profit and loss a/c, business documents in paper 2
alexoconnor6 — 13/06/16
david shes lying
alexoconnor6 — 13/06/16
Seriously I listened to her for CSPE and Ban Ki Moon didnt show up
Whocares — 13/06/16
My whole class were hoping Ban ki moon came up it would have been funny
David_4801 — 13/06/16
Disappointed he didnt its his birthday like bit scant they didnt give him a chance
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