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    Long Questions saoirseteahan

    How many long questions would you need to do in the Junior Cert and which ones would be the best to go for?? Thanks

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      For Junior Cert you have to do 4 questions out of 6 for both Paper 1 and 2. For Paper1 the household budget, club accounts, and economics and foreign trade always come up. So that's three questions out of the four that you definitely know come up every year.

      On Paper 2 first entry books,ledger and trial balance comes up as Q1.Q2 is final accounts(Trading, Profit and loss Appropriation account and Balance Sheet) and Q3 is the business documents(QUOtation,order,invoice,credit note, delivery docket, receipt, statement of account) . Here also you know three out of the four. An advise would be to learn the questions these questions inside out so that you will get good marks for them. Just take a glimpse at the other chapters, you don't know what will come up on the day.

      Good luck

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      Thanks so much for your help!!

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      No problem

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