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    monitoring overheads??? dylanator961

    This question has came up lots in p2 but my book dosent have anything to do with it,could someone explain please how a business monitors it's overheads??

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      Check the marking scheme

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      Usually only 3 main theory questions come up on this and they're like this:

      3 Suitable procedures to monitor overheads?

      Set budgets (targets) for overheads

      Record actual figures for these overheads

      Compare the two overheads and decide where to make changes necessary

      Why does a business monitor its overheads?

      To predict if there will be shortfalls

      To identify if the company will be living within its means

      To see if its necessary to obtain loans

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      Oh and how can one of these overheads be decreased (usually wages)

      Replace workforce with machinery

      Decrease overtime payments

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      Ah cheers mate great help thanks

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