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    Paper 2 predictions kriss25

    So I already know 3 of the 4 questions I am going to answer in Paper 2 - the bookkeeping, the business document, and the final account - but I have no idea what to learn for the other question. Any suggestions what to learn?

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      My business teacher said that Marketing and marketing mix could come up as a long question in either paper, also insurance e.g. life assurance and calculating average clause are good to know

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      Insurance is probably going to come up! Maybe a cash flow aswell since that hasn't come up in a while but I'm not sure if that's P1 or P2

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      Insurance is in P1, I think cash flow is a good possibility.

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      Yeah I agree! Last years paper was crap lets hope this year is better. What questions are ye gonna do ?

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      Hate the business document questions though, hoping it will be a nice paper 🙏

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