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    Short Questions aine15

    Does anyone know what the main abbreviations we have to answer are? Like I know VAT, ATM, DIRT but can someone tell me the main ones?:)

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      All the added taxes are important!

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      Like PAYE

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      Here's a list of all the abbreviations that have been asked in the short questions since 2000

      PAYE - Pay as you earn

      USC - Universal Social Charge

      PRSI - Pay Related Social Insurance

      GNP - Gross National Production

      EU - European Union

      CPI - Consumer's Price Index

      APR - Annual Percentage Rate

      ATM - Automated Teller Machine

      PIN - Personal Identification Number

      Dr - Debit

      B/D - Brought down

      B/F - Brought Forward

      Cr - Credit

      VDU - Visual Display Unit

      PC - Personal Computer

      WWW - World Wide Web

      RAM - Random Access Memory

      SO - Standing Order

      CT - Credit Transfer

      DD - Direct debit

      VHI - Voluntary Health Insurance

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      Thank you so much!!! :D

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