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    What do I need to know Elisha447

    For paper 1 and 2 what kind of accounting do I need to know.??

    For paper 1 I know household budgets and national expenditure.

    For paper 2 I know the final account(trading profit loss) and petty cash and analysed cash book. I'm not doing the ledger account.

    Are there any other accounting type questions I should know??

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      paper 1 long qs topics include :

      - household budget (definite q)

      - club accounts (definite q)

      - consumer

      - money and banking (including bank reconciliation statements)

      - savings and investments

      - borrowing

      - economics/ foreign trade/ national budget

      - insurance

      - people at work

      - letter/report writing

      - information technology

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      paper 2 topics include

      - Day books, ledger trial balance (definite q)

      - business documents (definite q)

      - trading, profit and loss and balance sheet (definite q)

      - forms of business / forming a business

      - monitering overheads

      - marketing

      - delivery systems/ transport / channels of distribution / chain of production

      - assessing a business

      - report / letter writing

      - service firms / farm accounts

      - business plan

      - finance for business / financial planning

      - analysed cash book / petty cash book

      - cash flow statements

      - bank statements / bank reconciliation statements

      - insurance of a business

      - selling on credit/ bad debts

      - information technology

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      thanks this helped a lot

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      Does anyone know if a bank reconciliation statement could come up or a cash correction account?

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      its unlikely i'd say

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