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What happens if you get an A in junior very business

I know something good happens but not sure

SryanBruen — 11/06/16
Orlamariaflanagan — 11/06/16
Thanks Sryan
SryanBruen — 11/06/16
You're welcome (I hope everything is okay between us). I just posted a link to something interesting about it by the way in the thread.
Orlamariaflanagan — 11/06/16
Ya it's fine I was being dumb and mean before and immature, thanks I seen it I'm just reading it now.
12345cw — 11/06/16
SryanBruen — 11/06/16
Oh thanks for that 1234cw.
Orlamariaflanagan — 11/06/16
That's only in Dublin.. I'm in Mayo ��
SryanBruen — 11/06/16
Oh oh....
Leanne 15 — 11/06/16
if u are from waterford you get an invite to WIT. if u got an A
SeanP6A — 11/06/16
If you're from Mayo and achieve an A in JC Business you will get to go to NUIG in Mid October to be presented with a certificate.
Leanne 15 — 12/06/16
that`s brilliant
Orlamariaflanagan — 12/06/16
Oh so that must be true thanks SeanP6A
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