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    Study Revising

    whats the best way to study cspe? its really about radomn political stuff and even my teacher said that most of it was waffle! help?

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      vanessa B

      The best study you can do for CSPE is to keep an eye on the news and what is going on in current affairs (politics, World events) etc.

      Every year the first question is always to name a few important political people so get to know the main Irish politicians (leaders of main parties etc.)

      As for the rest of the questions there is not a whole lot you can do to study. Information such as a news article etc. will be on the paper and you must answer a few questions. You will often then be asked to write a letter or give your opinion. There is no right or wrong with these questions but you should try to give a strong opinion of what you think on a particular issue.

      I wouldn't get too stressed about CSPE as most students find this one of the easier exams in the Junior cert.

      Best of Luck in the Exams!

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      thank you :) stressed about other exams so glad to have that one out of the way :)

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      Remember that the Action Project part is worth a large amount of marks. To find out more, you can look at some past CSPE junior cert papers on

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      watch the news and just wig it

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      You shouldn't worry about the written exam. Half of that is soo easy and a lot of the other things are pretty easy anyway. Most people get an A or a B, or maybe a C.

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