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    Any tips? Johnathatn

    Anyone have any tips for what you need to know for the C.S.P.E pres?

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      I just learnt the 7 concepts and then looked over a bit at the ministers

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      its seriously easy, you'll be fine! just learn the 7 concepts and put effort in to a picture if you do one.. its worth very little marks but they will not give them if it doesn't look great.And also just know the president, The Queen, Ban Ki Moon and some ministers what they look like and some state buildings, like Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Buckingham Palace.. that's really easy do with a process of elimination anyway if you know some! The rest is basically common sense! good luck

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      Ok thanks so much

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      Learn about the Irish army and homeless charities and the Gardaí!! Learn the seven concepts!! Learn ministers eg Phil Hogan!! Hope that helped:):)

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      Thanks :)

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