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    Bad teacher 😐 Aidandaly2kPro

    Ok since 1st year we learned barely anything on the CSPE course because our teacher is so interested in teaching us about Palestine (which isn't on the course). I know you don't have to study for CSPE but will we still be affected by learning practically nothing in the jc? Also his class from last year failed CSPE in the jc because the action project was overdue. So it looks like I'm screwed for CSPE in the jc. Anyone know any ways to help? Thanks 👍

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      Have you done your action project?? I'm not studying for cspe I have it on Friday! Just know how you prepared your action project!!

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      My class are still filling in our action project sheets. For my role I had to design a poster for a Palestinian speaker coming to the school but I think the sheets are due to be sent in at the end of April.

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      To be honest you don't really need much from the boo to do well in CSPE. The questions with the most marks come from basic comprehensions and common sense questions! The only part where you need material from the text book is the first few questions and they are not worth many marks and can be very easy to guess! Just do loads of past exam paper questions and you'll be fine!

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      I had a really bad teacher in 1st year as well and he'd always make fun of us. Most questions asked are either basic knowledge or from reading comprehensions. Section A requires a bit of learning. Just look through past exam papers and get familiar with the questions being asked as they tend to come up often

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      Thanks ☝️☝ I guess I'll be alright for the written test but if the action project is overdue we'll all fail ;( Any tips on how to stop this from happening pls?

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      Do you mean for the mocks or the Jc?

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      I'll be ok for the written test for the jc and the mocks in 3 weeks. It's just the project that concerns me cause it's not done yet

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      The action project is worth 60% of the mark so it is a big deal if you don't get it done! If you keep at him as a class to get them down you might get somewhere? If that doesn't work and you couldn't think of anything else you could always go to the principal or your class teacher?

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      I appreciate your help laughterislife thanks but unfortunately he's also our class tutor and he seldom gives us out the action project forms cause he's always showing us movies about Palestine. I think I'll get the class to keep bugging him until we have it done :)

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      hahah no bother! Yeah I think thats the best idea

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