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    C.S.P.E chloe_lo16

    What would you have to look over for C.S.P.E for Junior Cert.

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      All important politicians and their jobs- minister for finance, toaiseach, tanaiste...etc

      All important locations- leinster house, the dail etc. some international leaders and some of the UDHR's. learn all the seven concepts, look through exam papers and you're set.

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      Watch the news and know some information about the government, members of the Dail etc. Also go over the seven concepts.

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      Haha people actually care abot Cspe :')

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      MDav it's a potential A subject of course people care.

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      isnt every subject a potential A subject?

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      ahh, lads your be grand. just know the ministers faces and their titles, a bit about our law and courts and when they say "state the action" say BUILD sheltars, not just sheltars or else you get no marks. i got 96% in my mocks with doing just this the night before. dont stress about it. worry about maths p2 on monday ;P

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      Thank you and i know i don't really need C.S.P.E but its my junior i should be studying i want to do good.

      Thanks guys for the advice?

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