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    CSPE kiernan.beth

    Any suggestions for what I should focus on when studying CSPE!?

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      PASS papers is key !

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      you can't really study for it. You have to read newspapers and know what's going on around the world.

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      youll be fine its easy its just comprehensions and a long question at the end that is common knowledge. the beginning with the faes all right is hard just know the president of the eu council and alll the eu politicians :P dont worry youll be fine

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      thanks, did the paper today. It was really easy. We had ministers for q.1 and then easy fill in the blanks and multiple choice! Now wondering what to do for religion?

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      sorry ant help you with that one havent done that exam ye! only done maths p1 p2 iirish p2 Cspe:P wat have u done? :L

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      PIGS!!! Wait no government

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      You can study for CSPE but half of the written exam is super-easy, and the other half you should be able to get at least 1/2 of that right. And then, you just have to do the Action Project, which unfortunately I can't help you with yet cause I haven't started it yet.

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      Past papers

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      make sure to know most people in the parliament / government and major political figures and some facts about where the government have their discussions and homelessness but mainly focus on the political side of things

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      Don't worry too much about CSPE. Your action project is 60% without the written paper. Just know ministers and what's going on in the world. I did the JC last year and that's all I did and I got an A. Good luck!

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