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Do you have to know the details of the action projects off by heart??

Are you going to be tested on little details of the two projects?

SryanBruen — 22/09/16
Your action project will be assessed as in you write about it in a booklet, but that's the only part you'll be assessed on it. The exam paper has nothing to do with the action project.
Zoe.mf203 — 02/10/16
I am revising the CSPE exam booklet and I need some tips on the section 3 part b question can anyone help!!! Please and thanks
lifzuks — 02/10/16
Tbh you don't have to study for CSPE. i got a B in my Jc and i left after 30 mins
KellyNiamh — 13/11/16
Action project is separate to written exam.
SryanBruen — 14/11/16
KellyNiamh why are you answering to this thread now? I answered it like 1-2 months ago.
flashgut — 14/11/16
U don't have to know anything off by heart..... It's CSPE , who cares ?
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