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Apparently, CSPE is gonna be hard this summer, Idk what to know

SryanBruen — 29/05/16
Where did you get that it's going to be hard?
EA22 — 29/05/16
Cspe is like 1 he long
EA22 — 29/05/16
SryanBruen — 29/05/16
1 hr 30 mins actually
EH458 — 29/05/16
I'd brush up on recent government and politics and maybe some notes you took in class but honestly CSPE is 90% general knowledge in my opinion, I got 97 in the mocks and didn't study at all, and as well as that there's the action project write up which is worth 60% so it's definitely not a subject to dwell on ;)
EA22 — 29/05/16
In my school the cspe exam is 1 hour
SryanBruen — 29/05/16
https://www.examinations.ie/misc-doc/EN-EX-68701885.pdf ^ CSPE: Monday 13th, 2:00 - 3:30 (1 hr 30 mins)
EA22 — 29/05/16
Oh I'm talking about my summer exam not the actual jc sorry lol
JiteshKhatri — 29/05/16
Cspe is never hard in our school. Just write ask quick as you can with as much dtail as possible.
Galbraith — 29/05/16
Have u seen the checklist?? Idk fill in the blanks and famous people
Galbraith — 30/05/16
I'm only asking cuz I've always gotten over 95% and there's no need to not get it this time
ArahKa — 30/05/16
stop being a lickarse Sryan��
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