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    homeless in ireland awerness day Action Project sarahdaly7

    hi i have just complete my action project on a homelessness awareness day about the issue in ireland and have to write up the practice booklet but i have no idea how to do the reflection any help much appreciated

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      Here's a sample answer (of a different project) on how to answer REFLECTIONS

      I think that the Action Project that I have participated in has helped me to understand the EU and the

      euro currency that will be introduced into participating member states.

      It is my opinion that the single euro currency that is being introduced is a good thing because we will not

      have to change money when going on holidays to countries that are participating in the scheme.

      I feel that it is a shame that not all 15 members are not participating in the single currency. It is a pity

      that four states that have not agreed to this scheme- the UK, Denmark, Greece and Sweden – as a result

      of them staying outside the euro zone we will not really be united as a united states of Europe, like the

      United States of America.

      I recommend that more schools should participate in this type of project, as they will learn of other

      cultures. They will also learn how good team spirit can be.

      There is one thing I suggest, it is that people should take much more care of their own town, after all they

      are only letting themselves down. I mean foreigners that come to our town must really be disgraced at he

      amount of litter around the place.

      I recommend that there should be more litter wardens.

      I feel that this Action Project was a very informative experience which I will remember for the rest of my


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