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    How did eveyone find the exam??? granners

    it was grand in general. I also chose to do the special olympics poster question, what did ye do?

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      its was ok except for one or two parts of question

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      great I done the gardaí poster!! :)

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      brilliant...i did the special olympics poster and I was done at 2.55 - do I left the exam at 3.10.....I am very busy for business tomorrow so I actually didnt mind leaving!! :)

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      It was fine tbh.... I hate cspe tho so it could have been worse tbf

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      "it was soo hard!!. I betcha i failed...." said no one ever

      I did Q1, the olympics one

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      flew through it in an hour.... did Q4 on the Gorta organisation

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      I did q4, finished at about 2.30 so i did all 4 qs in section 2 instead of doing 3! Left at about 2.40

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      Same,i did q4 and all the questions in section 2.In our school your not allowed leave early! :C

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      @ Yasmine146 I don't think that they can actually stop you from leaving the exam officially. They can advise you but you have every right to leave after the first half hour to the last ten minutes of the exam if you want. You're better off staying though until you've looked over all your answers and that you don't feel like you could have done any better then what you have done.

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      In my school you can leave when you want , but I stay the whole time, because you know at the end that that is all you could do rather than walking out and saying to yourself you could have done better

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      It was an easy exam I done q4 on section 3 a

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