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I got a B should I be worried?

Should I be worried I got 70% for some reason. How do you get an A in this subject?

donatus_nweke — 28/11/16
In what subject
naxmax9 — 28/11/16
J____tn — 29/11/16
shaun.wallace.3994 — 29/11/16
You should be very worried
flashgut — 29/11/16
Yes... Very very worried ..... If u don't pass CSPE u hav to repeat the JCERT..... FACT
A-123St — 29/11/16
Asking your teacher where you went wrong might be help...
obrien125 — 30/11/16
Thats very poor me laddy, if i was your your father you would get no dinner for a week and a good smack
KillianOC — 04/12/16
If you dont get an A youll never get a 50bag on tic again boyy
SryanBruen — 04/12/16
No you should not be worried.
SryanBruen — 04/12/16
People stop with your terrible jokes.
KellyNiamh — 17/12/16
If you only manage to get 70% in your exam, no panic! There is still your Action Project which is worth 60% which will definitely bring you up in the real exam. Plenty of time left also
getrekt — 18/12/16
its ok, im that A student that everyone calls a swot and i got a B once, just ask your teacher where went wrong and if u are really struggling aster that just get a revision guide like less stress more success or revise wise(that is if they make it for cspe)
Melophobia — 18/12/16
Don't worry bout it, it's Cspe
emmamgw14 — 03/01/17
Nah, CSPE is a piece of cake. Just watch the news and know who Ban Ki Moon is
SryanBruen — 03/01/17
But emmamw14, Ban Ki Moon did not appear on my CSPE paper :(. I was sad when he didn't.
emmamgw14 — 03/01/17
I think he's been replaced as secretary of the UN-António Guterres is the new one, I think :)
JackCuddy — 06/01/17
The booklet is too long and repetitive... any help
Benconway617 — 06/01/17
its me baldy
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