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    Mock correcting? RuthKenrick

    In my CSPE mock paper, there were a lot of questions where they asked for your opinion. We got our papers back last Thursday, and everyone in my class got 0/3 or 1/3 in the opinion questions, even though they were backed up with valid points. As a result, no one in my class got an A. Did this happen to anyone else?

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      Hey I didn't get my mock back but its important to look at past paper marking schemes as it says-Any suggested action, or solution to an issue presented by candidates should

      demonstrate positive attitudes in relation to themselves, other people, the environment

      and the wider world, otherwise the candidate scores 0.

      This might be what happened.

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      Maybe, but an opinion is an opinion.

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      Yeah that happened to me to .Same again no one got an A . Highest I think was only 70 per cent my teacher said they were marked very hard .I still do not understand if it says in your opinion how u can be wrong even if you back up your point My teacher said their is an actual marking scheme with answers that can only be accepted for opinion questions . Your Opinion is your own choice not what anyone else thinks .Hope this helps

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      They should have made it clear that it can't be your own opinion, just the opinion they want you to have.

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      Nobody got an A in my class, I got a C. We asked our teacher about the opinion questions and she said that our opinions were not valid because they were not based around the 7 key concepts of CSPE and the question. Also im pretty sure that there is no definite marking scheme for the mocks, each examiner does it their own way which is unfair. In the actual JC there is a marking scheme though, so each student is treated fairly and equally.

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      The lowest in my class was a C and the highest was 100% the examiner was fair because if you wrote a valid opinion or reason you got the marks. I ended up getting an A

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      yes it happened in ours .... I for example usually get an A in cspe and I got a B in my mocks because the corrector didn't have my exact opinion in her marking scheme and it might be a perfectly valid point but unless its in their marking scheme they won't give you the marks!!! harsh I know...

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      i got a B

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      I did my JC last year. That didn't happen for me. In my mocks, I got 86%, barely an A and my teacher corrected that but I did well in pretty much all sections, my weakest section was the first (as that requires factual info). For the actual JC, I got an A and I'm pretty sure I did well for both the project and the exam. I'd say your teacher probably marked much harder than it is in the exam

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      i got an A

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      i got an A

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